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Gym Team leads Zumba with CFC, gets visit from Lightbenders
July 24, 2016, 12:40 pm

The Gym Team fitness mentors, trainers and participants get a visit from artists photographers of Lightbenders Friday morning at Chai Al Dhaha Ballet Studio for a photo shoot for mentors and participants of the Friday Zumba class. The photo shoot was immediately followed by an hour of Zumba session with members of Handmaid – Couples for Christ. 

The weekly Friday class of Zumba on its second Friday since it resumed classes after Ramadan, featured talented and creative trainers from different health clubs. ZIN Mynna Anna Dy, a group and personal trainer from Champions Health Club led the class to a power packed warm-up followed by ZIN Donnalyn Ilagan of Steam Gym with sets of entertaining and fun moves. ZIN Sofie Omar of Boxhill College led the class to execute steps from popular Trumpet Song to the delight of everyone; ZIN Stella Munch of Mabroor Gym perked the workout with her usual energetic routines. Cool down was led by the Philippine Ambassador of Zumba Blanche Bravo.

While classes were held in the studio, photographers and members of Lightbenders took photo shots of attendees and actual classes in addition to all instructors’ photos were taken individually to be used for the profiles.

The afternoon was spent with the members of the Handmaid of Couples for Christ with an hour of Zumba. Although limited in attendance but they had fun and enjoyed the class. ZINs Blanche Bravo, Jamie Red, Ga Marie, Ricky Laxa with the assistance of Leo Capiendo and Maria Mendoza. The Gym Team also announced that a Global Zumba fun workout will be organized during the last week of August.

Mentor Bravo thanked all the instructors for their usual support to the classes and projects of the group. “The Gym Team will continuously mentor its members and guests achieve their fitness goals and inspire others to live healthy lifestyle. We also thank Mrs. Ida Pellaud and Mr. Philippe Pellaud of Radisson Blu for mentoring the group and extending support to its advocacy," he added.

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