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Gym Team launches Global Zumba Fitness Masterclass
September 4, 2016, 2:01 pm

The Gym Team launched Friday morning the first Global Zumba, set to happen on the 16 September at 8 am at the foyer of the Al Hashemi Grand Ballroom. The event, featuring 20 fitness and Zumba trainers representing 20 different countries and multilingual songs, is a project organized under the patronage of Ida Pellaud, a fitness advocate and wife of the General Manager of Radisson Blu Hotel Philippe Pellaud.

Global Zumba, which carries the theme “It’s all about a heart that gives”, highlights assistance for a Filipino cancer victim, who appealed for help to the group for his medical treatments. The wife of the victim is also a fitness trainer in one of the local clubs in Kuwait.

The Gym Team, which spearheads charitable advocacies in giving and sharing its resources via its instructors who voluntarily offer their services and time to raise awareness on importance of wellness and help raise financial resources for charity. It had focused on Philippines shelters in the past in particular for severely abused women and abandoned children. Currently it is extending its resources to individuals who are with severe medical conditions and scarce of financial needs.

“It is very uplifting to be a part of this group, although I am not a Filipina myself, but it is not all about nationalities here, it is about being able to help by sharing the skills, talents and education you have,” commented Helen Rahi, a Lebanese school teacher and ZIN certified Zumba trainer.

“What makes The Gym team different is not just about fitness and workouts, it’s about being able to take part in something worth for yourself, which is being able to exercise and able to help and mentor others,” said Ida Pellaud, mentor of The Gym Team.

The Global Zumba will showcase popular songs from the countries represented by each instructor, who will also be clad in costumes from that country. 

Among the countries represented are: Spain, Hawaii, Lebanon, Philippines, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, UK and India.  More instructors are expected to volunteer in the coming week. For more details, you may log on to facebook: The Gym Team, Instagram: thegymteamkuwait or call: 66091908.

Ricky Laxa
  Staff Writer


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