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Gym Team conducts second certification for new fitness instructors
October 6, 2014, 9:13 pm

The Gym Team successfully accomplished its second certification: “Elements of Workout and Basic Floor Aerobics” held Friday morning at the Failaka Hall of the Radisson Blu Hotel. The team, which is composed of four members of the board and presenters, showcased the core of creating and designing a workout pattern for aspiring instructors and enhancing the skills of new fitness trainers.

The event kicked off with a brief lecture from the Director of the Board, discussed the definition of being an instructor, tips on how to be an effective group trainer and build confidence as a group fitness leader. The next set of lecture was combined with actual creation of one of the stages of a workout. Participants were grouped into five and were asked to present a “warm-up” choreography based on the lecture given. Each group‘s performance was evaluated and given appropriate solution to create better understanding of an effective warm-up. Suggestions were also discussed as to how solve expected problems in a class.

The rest of the morning was spent with discussions on the different forms of and styles of cardio exercises among which were rare workouts, which are not available in the country; Ramping, Banghra, Tribal, Slide and Glide aerobics. The event ended with a forty five minutes workout led by Mynnah Anna Digdigan of Ms. Champions Health Club applying the stages of an effective workout. “The seminar was very informative and very basic, which is essential to aspiring instructors like us. It was terrifying at first to come up in front and present but eventually one becomes at ease with encouragement you get from the group” commented Eve Hiballer, a receptionist in a derma clinic.

“Each seminar presented by the Gym Team is a tool we all can use not just for instructors but for every individual who has the passion to know more about cardio exercises. I encourage others to come forward and participate and be inspired” stated Gem Pangan, a housewife and has started to become a personal trainer.

Several projects were discussed and announced to the group including a cross-fit workout for fitness instructors and a national “Zumbathon” organized for Zumba fanatics in the country. “The Gym Team has been very successful so far with the two projects and we hope to bring certifications from abroad for the instructor who has no opportunity and means to travel abroad and get certified,” stated  Noel Galicia, President of FitPro and member of the The Gym Team board.

Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer
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