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Gulfmart Shuwaikh re-launches as Hypermarket
November 30, 2014, 11:28 am

Gulfmart, the fastest growing retail chain with the largest number of outlets across Kuwait, announced the re-launch of their Shuwaikh branch, located next to the old Central Vegetable Market in Shuwaikh, as a full-fledged Hypermarket. The revamped Shuwaikh branch was revealed to excited customers at a soft-launch on Thursday, 27 November.

With the re-launch, the Shuwaikh branch, which is the first and largest outlet of Gulfmart, has grown bigger with addition of 10,000 square feet of increased space taking the total available sales area to 53,000 square feet. Following extensive renovation, refurbishment and restocking, the new Gulfmart Hypermarket will provide customers with an even more exciting shopping experience with the widest selection of products.  

Providing a new anchor to what was traditionally Kuwait’s main grocery and household shopping location, the Gulfmart Hypermarket is expected to revive and stimulate shopping in the entire area.  With its central location, the new hypermarket will provide customers with easy and convenient access from different parts of Kuwait, while the expanded car-park capable of accommodating 300 more vehicles will make shopping a hassle-free experience.

Among the large assortment of new merchandise being made available to shoppers will be a wide selection of heavy electronic items, home appliances and a digital counter with an array of mobile telephones and camera models. The expanded fruit and vegetable section will feature over 60 varieties of exclusively imported products in addition to the regular offerings of fresh produce. The revamped fish and butchery section will be professional managed and operated to offer customers the best cuts of meat from India and Pakistan in addition to specialty meats from Australia and New Zealand.

The new hypermarket will feature a totally new layout with wider aisles, more departments, added check-outs and other modern equipment designed to make shopping a leisurely activity. A dedicated play area for children, a snack counter for easy bites and quick takeaways and a relaxing cafeteria area to sit-down and stretch shopping weary legs are among other additional facilities to be found at the new hypermarket.

Speaking on the transformation of the Shuwaikh branch to a fully operational hypermarket, Nicolas Panse, Group Country Head, said, “We are really excited at re-launch of our Shuwaikh branch; this branch has always been a favorite with our patrons and we look forward to making their shopping experience here even more exciting with this hypermarket.”

Yousuf Bhatti, Operations Manager, remarked that with the launch of a hypermarket format the Gulfmart brand was once again reinforcing its commitment and confidence in the growth of the retail landscape in Kuwait.

For his part, Raju Sawlani, Purchase Head at Gulfmart said, “I am sure that with the wide variety of exclusive goods being made available at Gulfmart Hypermarket, shoppers will find everything they need in one convenient location.”

Thanking customers for their loyalty to the brand over the years, Dr. T.A. Remesh, Gulfmart Country Manager, said, “The re-launch of Shuwaikh branch as a Hypermarket is aimed at improving the shopping experience for our customers and we hope that they will enjoy the expansions and additions we have incorporated and enjoy the new selections we have provided here.”

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