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Gulf security agreement doesn''t contradict with Kuwait''s constitution - Gen. Al-Enezi
February 16, 2014, 9:50 am

A security agreement among the six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries does not contradict with the constitution of Kuwait, an Interior Ministry official affirmed on Saturday.

Major-General Dr. Abdullah Al-Enezi, Director General of the National Assembly and Ministerial Committees' Affairs Follow Up, said the phrase, "in accordance with national legislations," that was mentioned repeatedly in the security agreement affirmed no "contradiction with the laws and legislations of the Gulf countries." Kuwait is a state of institutions and law, and the security agreement "would not be approved but after everybody feels assured it will guarantee security of Kuwait," said Al-Enezi who was speaking at Kuwait TV.

Kuwait, he added, did not approve the GCC security agreement but after including its remarks "over the formula of the agreement that was tabled in 1994, which was not signed by Kuwait at that time, and the amendment of all articles disputed by the Kuwaiti side." The agreement, said Al-Enezi, was not contradicting with agreements signed by any Gulf country.

The security cooperation or demand by any country is subject to the consent of the other state, he said, "which means any country has the right to reject or accept in line with its interest." The remaining articles of the security agreement, he said, exist in any agreement between two Arab countries with regards, for example, to protection of borders and fighting against terrorism.

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