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Gulf Bank welcomes Al Danah winner at its head office
April 22, 2017, 5:49 pm

Gulf Bank was pleased to welcome Fatma Ahmad Mohammad Al-Rabee, the winner of Al Danah’s first quarterly draw for this year. Mrs. Al-Rabee received her KD200,000 cash prize upon visiting the bank’s Head Office on Thursday, 13 April, 2017 and meeting management representatives who congratulated her for winning the prize.

Commenting on winning Al Danah’s cash prize for this quarter, Mrs. Al-Rabee said: “I thank God for granting me with this valuable unexpected gift. I was shocked when I knew that I won one of Al Danah’s cash prizes, it was a dream that actually came true! Thank you Gulf Bank.”

Gulf Bank’s Al Danah first quarterly draw for this year was held live on the Al Dewaniya program at Marina FM 90.4, Thursday, 30 March, 2017, under the supervision of Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Gulf Bank’s Al Danah 2017 draw line-up includes daily draws, quarterly draws, and the final and biggest draw of the year,  which is Al Danah 1 Million Kuwaiti Dinar yearly draw.  For the daily draws, two winners are awarded with KD 1,000 each, for every working day in the week. 

The quarterly draws each include a large cash prize with the prize amount increasing every quarter.  The quarterly prizes are as following: KD200,000 in the first quarter - which took place on March 30; KD250,000 in the second quarter to take place on June 29; KD 500,000 in the third quarter, which will take place on September 28, followed by the largest yearly prize for 1 Million Kuwaiti Dinars, which will take place on 11 January, 2018.  In fact, our annual prize of KD 1 Million set a Guinness World Records achievement as the ‘largest prize linked to a bank account payout in the world’. 

Gulf Bank’s Al Danah account is open to Kuwaiti and non-Kuwaiti residents of Kuwait. Customers who open an account and/ or deposit more will enter the draw within two days. To take part in the Al Danah 2017 upcoming quarterly and yearly draws, customers must have an Al Danah account containing at least KD 200; customers can visit one of Gulf Bank’s 56 branches, transfer on line, or call the Customer Contact Center on 1805805 for assistance and guidance. Customers can also log on to or the Gulf Banks social media channels to learn more about Al Danah and its winners.

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