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Gulf Bank’s all-new card lineup caters to evolving customer needs
June 9, 2018, 10:23 am

Gulf Bank announced a newly designed and technically overhauled lineup of debit and credit cards, to be rolled out within the next few months. The new cards will boast new security features as well as the ability to make contactless payments, which has been seeing a high level of interest and demand by customers in Kuwait.

Armed with the very best features and benefits that the Bank has ever offered its customers, the new debit and credit cards also introduce a more appealing approach to showcasing  Gulf Bank’s corporate identity and underlines the Bank’s commitment to customer excellence.

Assistant General Manager for External Communications at Gulf Bank Ahmed Al Ameer,  said, “With the release of the new range of debit and credit cards, we are making sure that our customers have access to the most advanced financial technologies available. Not only do these new cards look great, but I am proud to say we offer some of the safest and most convenient products in the local market.”

Gulf Bank customers will now be able to make contactless payments of under KD 10 without PIN and over KD 10 with PIN, using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, which gives cardholders a quick and convenient way to make purchases in stores. This progressive technology of Tap and Pay helps reduce waiting time at counters and has rapidly been gaining popularity over the course of the past year. In addition to contactless payments, all new credit cards will need to be authenticated by a 4-digit PIN, entered at the point-of-sale terminal.

In terms of design, the card line also introduces some interesting features. All the cards will include a new unique red rim on all edges which will allow customers to differentiate Gulf Bank cards from other cards in their wallets more efficiently. There will also be a red strip placed at the top of all credit cards to distinguish credit cards from debit cards when in a rush.

The new sleekly-designed Private Banking credit card, another new addition, reflects Gulf Bank’s premium clientele with its tasteful, modern and elegant design. It will be the first card offered in Kuwait that has card number and expiry date printed on the back, making it even more distinctive.

But there is more to the new cards than security and design: Gulf Bank has ensured to make convenience a key principle in the conceptualisation of the new card line. Not only can debit and credit card activation be done by SMS, but also customers can change their credit card PINs at any Gulf Bank branch ATM.

The new cards also offer a range of new services, where mini statement are sent monthly to the customer by SMS and they can even view  their credit card statement through online banking or Gulf Bank mobile banking App, which can be downloaded from the App Store or the Google Play Store. These new features and many more are part of the Bank’s commitment to ensuring that their customers receive the very best products and services in the country.

For more information on the new credit and debit card lineup as well as any other Gulf Bank products, please visit one of Gulf Bank’s 58 branches, call the Customer Contact Center on 1805805, log on to, Gulf Bank’s bilingual website, or visit its social media channels.

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