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Gulf Bank announces the winners of the Al Danah Daily Draws
April 26, 2015, 9:34 am

Gulf Bank held its Al Danah daily draws on April 19th, 2015, announcing the names of its winners for the week of April 12th to April 16th. The Al Danah daily draws include draws each working day for two prizes of KD1000 per winner. 

The winners were:
(Sunday 12/4): Radwan Hussain Mohammed Barakat, Mohammed Yasein Ramadan Ali
(Monday 13/4): Mohammed Abdulkarim Hassan Al-Jumaa, Fahad Dahham Khalifah Al-Shammari
(Tuesday 14/4): Moustafa Mohammad Ahmad Bader, Mohammed Obaid Joaithen Farhan
(Wednesday 15/4): Nawaf Mohammed Hilal Farraj, Sarah Mohammed Salim Al-Khaldi
(Thursday 16/4): Mohammed Abdullah Hamad Al-Ajmi, Narjes Haje Ali Dashti

Gulf Bank’s Al Danah 2015 draw lineup includes daily draws (2 winners per working day each receive KD1000). Al Danah’s 2nd Quarterly draw will be held on 25 June (KD250,000, KD125,000, and KD25,000), 3rd Quarter - 17 September (KD500,000, KD125,000, and KD25,000). The final Al Danah draw for the Million Dinars will be held on 7 January, 2016 whereby the Al Danah Millionaire will be announced alongside winners of KD250,000 and KD50,000.

Seven reasons why the Al Danah account is the Best:
1)  Each year, every eligible account holder gets the opportunity to win Kuwait’s single biggest cash prize of KD 1 Million
2) Customers’ chances are calculated on a daily basis and added up for every draw.
3) Gulf Bank is the only bank in Kuwait to transfer all of its customers’ Al Danah loyalty chances from the previous year into the next one.
4) The Al Danah account gives away the highest amount of prize money
5) The daily draw has two winners drawn for every working day, each receiving KD1,000.
6) With 64 draws a year, and up to 532 winners, Gulf Bank’s Al Danah account offers you the highest number of draws and winners
7)  Al Danah account also offers customers the best quarterly prizes, with quarterly prizes ranging from KD25,000 up to KD500,000.

Open an account and Deposit now to Win Big, Live big, with Al Danah 2015.

Al Danah also offers a number of unique services including the Al Danah Deposit Only ATM card which helps account holders deposit their money at their convenience; as well as the Al Danah calculator to help customers calculate their chances of becoming an Al Danah winner.

Gulf Bank’s Al Danah account is open to Kuwaitis and all residents of Kuwait. Customers who open an account and/ or deposit more will enter the draw within two days.

To take part in the Al Danah 2015 upcoming yearly draw, customers must have an Al Danah account containing at least KD 200. To be part of the Al Danah draws, customers can visit one of Gulf Bank’s 59 branches, transfer on line, or call the Customer Contact Center on 1805805 for assistance and guidance. Customers can also log on to, to find out more about Al Danah and who the winners are.


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