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Gulf Bank and Al Sadu Society resume ‘Fun with Textiles’ workshops
September 19, 2017, 2:22 pm

Building on the great success the program witnessed in its first phase of programs, Gulf Bank and Al Sadu Society are ready to kick off the new season of their year-long series of educational workshops titled ‘Fun with Textiles’ aimed at developing children’s skills in crafts and textile art techniques and preserving Kuwaiti traditions and heritage. Activities are set to start on 23 September and will run until mid-December 2017.

The program will include two free of charge workshops per month and children or their parents can simply register by sending an email to The first workshop is planned for 11:00 am on Saturday, 23 September at Sadu House premises on Gulf Road- Kuwait City, where participating children will learn about woven art. In the next workshop, each child will be preparing a design on a paper towel, then coloring it, before weaving the paper strips into canvases using yarns.

Laila Al-Qatami, Assistant General Manager for Corporate Communications at Gulf Bank said: “We are delighted to resume our year-long series of educational workshops in collaboration with Al Sadu Society.  The sessions conducted before the summer break were fun and exciting, and all sessions filled up quickly. It was heartening to see such strong interest and to interact with children from all backgrounds who were eager to learn new skills and proud to show off their creations. 

“Sponsoring Al Sadu Society workshops comes in line with our corporate social responsibility program, which supports events and initiatives that are focused on promoting Kuwait’s heritage, raising awareness of its culture, as well as supporting youth education. We will continue to seek opportunities and partnerships which are of benefit to the community,” added Ms. Al-Qatami.

The workshops are free and open to children aged 6-12 years which required advanced registration. Each session is open to 12 attendees who will learn and develop creative skills in a relaxed and stimulating environment, with the assistance of professional bilingual instructors. The workshops are structured to ensure that it is fun, flexible and practical. Children will learn how create modern, fun accessories for themselves. Additionally, the children will be able to explore the exhibits at the Sadu House Museum.

During these workshops, children are given a guided choice of colors, designs and techniques, through which they will be able to develop their creative skills while having fun. Instructors will be present in each session to encourage children and teach them that crafts are a form of art.

For more information about Gulf Bank’s initiatives please log on to, or visit its social media channels. Also, follow Sadu house on Social Media @SaduHouse to learn more about the schedule of the workshops.


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