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Gulf Bank and Al Sadu Society present series of educational workshops for children
April 20, 2017, 10:29 am

Gulf Bank is pleased to announce its exclusive sponsorship of a year-long series of educational workshop in partnership with the Al Sadu Society, a distinguished Kuwaiti institution. Entitled ‘Fun with Textiles’, these workshops are designed for children to develop their skills in crafts and textile art techniques. The next session will be held on Saturday, 22 April at Sadu House, followed by two more in May, and will resume in September  and run until end of the year.

The workshops are free and open to children ages 6-12, although advanced registration is required. Each session is open to 12 attendees who will learn and develop creative skills in a relaxed and stimulating environment, with the assistance of professional bilingual instructors. The workshops are structured to ensure that it is fun, flexible and practical. Children will learn how create modern, fun accessories for themselves. Additionally, the children will be able to explore the exhibits at the Sadu House Museum.

Commenting on this sponsorship, Laila Al-Qatami, Assistant General Manager for Corporate Communications at Gulf Bank said: “In light of the fast-paced modernization of Kuwait Al Sadu Society and its programs are important because they promote and preserve the beautiful traditions of Sadu weaving and handicrafts among the young generations. Gulf Bank strongly supports preserving Kuwaiti heritage, as well programs that are educational in nature. We are pleased to partner with Al Sadu Society to encourage children to appreciate and understand Kuwaiti heritage and traditions.  We thank our partners at Al Sadu for their ongoing work and dedication to Kuwait, and we look forward to our ongoing partnership.”

Sheikha Bibi Al-Sabah, Chair of Al Sadu Society, highlighted the importance of preserving Kuwait’s cultural heritage, saying: “One of Al Sadu Society’s objectives is to encourage everyone to experience our country’s traditions, especially the younger generation. We are dedicated to documenting and promoting the rich and diverse textile heritage of Kuwaiti Bedouins, from the nomadic weaving of the desert to the urban weaving of the town.  We are proud to partner with Gulf Bank to deliver this year-long series of free children’s textiles workshops.”

During these workshops, children are given a guided choice of colors, designs and techniques, through which they will be able to develop their creative skills while having fun. Instructors will be present in each session to encourage children and teach them that crafts are a form of art. Based on Gulf Bank’s sponsorship, all workshops are free of charge, and are divided into different and varied activities.

Al Sadu Society started in 1978, as a private initiative, by a group of concerned Kuwaitis who wished to preserve a fast disappearing, yet intrinsic, cultural identity, the Al Sadu Project was founded. It aims to promote and to celebrate Kuwait’s cultural and textile heritage.

Gulf Bank’s sponsorship of Al Sadu Society workshops comes in line with its CSR program that supports events and initiatives that are focused on promoting Kuwait’s heritage and culture, supporting youth education, encouraging health and fitness, helping the underprivileged and empowering women.

To learn more about the schedule of the workshops, follow Sadu house on Social Media @SaduHouse. To register your children, send an email to:

For more information on Gulf Bank, please visit one of Gulf Bank’s 56 branches, call the Customer Contact Center on 1805805, log on to, Gulf Bank’s bilingual website, or visit its social media channels.

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