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Growing-out short hair
November 17, 2013, 1:18 pm

Growing out your hair doesn't have to be difficult. Despite the often frustrating in-between period, it is still possible to consistently have a flattering hairstyle. If you are currently in between lengths, here are some simple ways to make the growing-out process less of a hassle.

Don't neglect shape: The biggest mistake you can make growing-out a short haircut is to just let it grow. Your hair will become bulky and shapeless in all the wrong places. To avoid an uneven, unflattering grow-out, take frequent trips to the stylist. That way, excess weight will be removed regularly to keep your hair looking current.

Get regular trims: Despite the myth that trimming hair will stunt its growth, stylists say that regular trims will ensure a healthier outcome. It is very important to keep ends trimmed while growing your hair out so that they don't fray or split. Visit your hairstylist every six to eight weeks to keep your cut looking fresh.

Accessorize: While hair accessories can ease the process of growing your hair out, don’t overdo it with clips, pins and barrettes. Headbands are a good option as they are stylish and can keep the hair away from your face, but avoid over-bobby pinning and clipping your hair as that can look messy. To create the illusion of length, professional hair extensions can also provide a flattering fix.

Avoid layers: Trading layers in for a blunt cut will make the grow-out process easier. Blunt or one-length bob cuts are the easiest to grow out. As soon as you have layers, the shape needs to be adjusted along the way.  However, instead of making a drastic change and risk losing length, have your stylist ease into a blunt or one-length style as you go for regular trims. That way, you'll still make progress without your hairstyle losing its shape.

Keep your hair moisturized: Your hair needs moisture and protein to make the growing out process successful. If you color or lighten your hair, you need more protein to keep the hair strong so it will grow. To maintain these components, use moisture-based shampoos and conditioners to help keep your hair soft and supple. Smoothing products, like balms or oils, can keep hair glossy and to tame growing layers.

Try bangs: A subtle change to your haircut may create the illusion of length. Sometimes adding fringe or bangs can make the rest of your hair look longer. As for what type of bangs would suit your face best, talk to your stylist about your face shape and hair texture.

Have an end result in mind: Knowing what shape you are growing your hair into is important. For one-length looks, grow the top layers out first and keep the perimeter short until the top catches up. For layered styles, go for regular trims since wispy edges and roundness on the sides need to be reshaped for flattering consistency.

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