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Green Schools encourage action-oriented thinking - Minister
October 18, 2015, 4:40 pm

The Green Schools initiative pilots active-learning approaches that encourage investigative and action-oriented thinking that enables learners to improve the wellbeing of society, Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education Essa Al-Bader stressed on Sunday.

The minister made this remark at the opening of a regional meeting to set up Green Schools in the GCC countries and Yemen. Green Schools are an initiative for sustainable education organized by the UNESCO's office in Kuwait and Al-Saad Foundation for Knowledge and Scientific Research.
This initiative promotes education as a tool to develop learners who are both capable and willing to respond to environmental issues in their communities and in the world at large, Al-Essa added.

On his part, Director of Kuwait National Commission for UNESCO Dr. Ahmad Al-Enizi stressed the importance of raising awareness and creating wider perspectives to improving human life where poverty could be none existent and where environment could be protected from industrial and technological side effects.

The guidelines of sustainable development have already been drawn by international community, pointing out that everyone agrees that it can only be attained through economic and social growth and protection of natural resources.

Green Schools initiative is still under study and it requires more scientific scrutiny before it can be applied in real life, he added. Director of UNESCO Regional Office in Doha Anna Paolini said that the Green Schools initiative aims to give educators and students ownership of the issues needing resolution and a sense of empowerment over the environmental challenges they face.

Source: KUNA

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