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Greek tourist visa in 24 hours, says envoy
April 11, 2017, 11:32 am

Ambassador of Greece to Kuwait H.E. Andres Papadakis affirmed that the process for Kuwaiti citizens to obtain Greek visa is simple, indicating that the visa will be issued within 24 hours, and those who own property in Greece can obtain a long-term visa, reports Al- Rai daily.

Ambassador Papadakis mentioned that he wants to experience Ramadan life in Kuwait after hearing so much about it before his appointment as an envoy to the country. He remarked that living in the country during the period will be a new experience for him and will give him an opportunity to observe the culture and tradition of Kuwaitis.

The ambassador expressed delight over the fact that Kuwaitis are open to foreigners, hospitable, and highly educated, adding that they always welcome him to their homes with open arms. He mentioned that Kuwaitis regard diwaniyas as a mini parliament where everybody sits down to express their thoughts democratically, adding that they are proud of such a system of interaction.

Ambassador Papadakis mentioned the tasty meals he has enjoyed in Kuwait, especially Al-Zubaidi meals which he found to be the best.

Regarding travel to his country, he declared that Greek Airways will launch direct flights to and from Kuwait starting from June 2017, revealing that the flights will be only two and a half hours long. He expressed hope that this facility will boost the rate of tourism between both countries.

The ambassador revealed that the trade volume between both countries stands at around 20 million Euros, regardless of the increase within the past few years, but opportunities are abound now to raise this status. He indicated that the Greek community in Kuwait constitutes around 400 people, most of whom are teaching in secondary and tertiary institutions while the rest are working in some private companies.

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