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Great success and turnout at Kuwaiti-Spanish festival in Spain
August 1, 2016, 11:07 am

The Kuwaiti-Spanish Festival in Marbella came to an end Sunday night, leaving the audience with a better understanding of Kuwait's great people and great culture. The festival reinforced the notion that Kuwait is a country of peace and friendship, said Director General of Kuwait's Future Communications Company Global (FCCG), Abrar Al-Masoud.

Al-Masoud informed KUNA in a statement that the festival was a huge success and experienced a great turnout of Kuwaitis, Arabs, and foreigners interested in learning about Kuwait.

The festival featured prominent members like Mayor of Marbella, Jose Bernal, who was part of the opening ceremony.

The success of the festival was through the joint effort of the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry represented by the Kuwait Embassy in Madrid, Kuwait's National Council for Culture, Arts, and Letters (NCCAL), the municipality of Marbella, and the Spanish Ministry of Tourism.

The festival held a performance of Kuwaiti folklore and traditional Kuwaiti music by Al-Takht band that merged Kuwaiti and Spanish songs. A group of children performed a Gergian celebration and a Kuwaiti wedding, including the "yalwah," where the bride sits below a green cloth held up by friends and family.

The festival took place in Antonio Banderas Plaza in Puerto Banus over three days, from seven in the evening until midnight.

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