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Grandparents’ Day celebrations at Bhavans Kindergarten
September 26, 2015, 9:15 am

Kindergarten classes of IES, Jack and Jill and Pearl (Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan) celebrated Grandparents’ Day on 13 September, 2015.  The grandparents of the kindergarten children were specially invited to be a part of the celebrations.  Many grandparents turned up to grace the occasion. The celebration commenced with a special assembly.

The teachers of kindergarten welcomed the parents and thanked them profusely for their valued presence. The enthusiastic children sang paeans to express their love for their grandparents.

The highlight of the assembly was the ‘magic show’ by a student of the primary wing.  The children gave a big round of applause to a grandparent who was invited onto the stage for being a part of the Magic Show. Another grandparent addressed the young audience. The words of wisdom were well received by the audience. He blessed them abundantly and also thanked for the love and affection showered upon them.

The assembly also featured a group song by the children, followed by a dance program. After the assembly, the children proceeded to their respective classrooms and continued the celebration by doing an activity in which they had to color the given cards for gifting their grandparents. The class bulletin board was decorated with pictures depicting the momentous role played by the grandparents in shaping and inspiring the future aspirants of any nation.

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