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Grand Hypermarket opens its 45th Branch
June 21, 2017, 4:28 pm

 Grand Hypermarket, a leading retail chain in Kuwait, inaugurated its 45th branch in the region and the 10th in Kuwait on Monday, 19 June. The new branch, located in Mahboula, Block 1, was inaugurated by the Regency Group Managing Director, Anvar Ameen, along with Bader Saud Al-Sehli. The inaugural ceremony was attended by top government officials and leading figures in the socio-cultural and business spheres in Kuwait.

Abu Baker Mohammed (Regency Group Director), Ayyoob Kachery (Kuwait Regional Director), Dr. Abdul Fatah (Director),  Mohammed Suneer (CEO), Thahseer Ali (GM), Sanin Wasim (Marketing and Business Development Manager),  and other management representatives also took part in the event.

Speaking at the event, Anvar Ameen promised the consumers that the new branch will deliver the same high quality products and service as the other branches in Kuwait. He stated that the retail chain has been distinguishing itself in the market by providing top-quality international products in a wide range of categories including food, home appliances, electronics, health and beauty among others. “Answering the needs of the ordinary consumers with products of international standards at affordable prices has been the cornerstone of our success,” he added.

Ayyoob Kachery, for his part, stated that through this expansion the consumers have gained greater access to the products and services of Grand Hypermarket. “We will live up to expectations of our consumers like in all our other branches in the network.”

The retail chain has been expanding rapidly in Kuwait since its inception with growing support and patronage from the consumers. The retail chain’s vast network and procurement sources from a wide range of countries enables it to provide the consumers their needs in the most cost-efficient way, without compromising on the quality.

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