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Grand Hypermarket opens 43rd regional outlet, with new branch in Mahboula
May 28, 2017, 11:48 am

Leading UAE-based business group, Regency, launched the 43rd branch of its flagship retail store, Grand Hypermarket, in Block 2 of Mahboula on Wednesday, 24 May. 

Sheikh Dawood Salman Al Sabah inaugurated the branch in the presence of top-level government officials and leading business figures, as well as the Chairman of Grand Hypermarket, Kuwait, Jassim Mohammed Khamis Al Sharah and Regency Group Managing Director Dr. Anwar Ameen. Also in attendance were Regency Group Executive Director Aboobacker Mohammed, Regional Director Ayyoob Kachery, the CEO, Mohammed Suneer, General Manager, Thahseer Ali and Dubai Region General Manager, Abbas Khan, as well as other management representatives.

As part of celebrations marking the inauguration, the new outlet has announced huge discounts on various products, in addition to special offers being made at all branches of Grand Hyper during the holy month of Ramadan. The inaugural event saw a huge turnout of guests, who braved the sandstorm and harsh weather conditions to attend the function.

Grand Hypermarket has a strong reputation in the market for providing a wide range of products, including food stuffs, world-class electronic appliances, home appliances, footwear, health and beauty items, all at very affordable prices.

As part of its regional expansion plans, Regency Group will be launching branches of Grand Hyper, Grand Supermarket and Grand Fresh in the  UAE, Oman and Qatar in the near future. The hypermarket’s management also revealed that plans are underway to soon open another branch in Mahboula, this time in Block 1, close to Express Bakery.

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