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Grand Hyper launches its 12th branch at Al Rai
February 3, 2018, 10:55 am

Grand Hyper launched its newest branch in Al Rai as a New Year gift to Kuwait, and amazing inaugural offers coinciding with Hala February celebrations.  The managing director of the Regency Group, Dr. Anwar Ameen, and Sheikh Dawood Salman Al Sabah, jointly inaugurated the new branch on Wednesday, 31 January.

Abu Baker Mohammed, N.V Mohammad (Director Regency Group), Abdussubhan Shamsudheen, AP Nabeel Salam, Jassim Mohammad Khamis Al Sharrah, Ayyoob Kachery(Regional Director), Dr. Abdul Fathah (Director Grand Hyper, Kuwait), Mohammad Suneer (CEO) and Thahseer  Ali (General Manager), were the other dignitaries present at the ceremony.

This is Grand Hyper’s 12th branch in Kuwait and the 49th in the region. The inauguration of the showroom coincides with the start of the festive month of February in Kuwait, and to add to the celebratory mood, there are several inaugural offers that reward customers handsomely.

Speaking to the media, Dr. Anwar Ameen stated that the new opening is a tribute to the loyal customers in Kuwait, “who have always supported all our initiatives, fully appreciating the value that we offer them both in terms of quality and quantity. We stay focused on providing satisfaction to our customers in order to build their trust, which is our biggest investment.”

Further, he noted that the journey of Grand Hyper in Kuwait is a testimony to our dedication and sincerity to our customers, who have patronized us loyally in the face of stiff competition. “The inaugural offers we are extending to our customers is our way of expressing our gratitude for their support. We promise that we will keep raising the bar higher in providing greater value to them, fulfilling their growing needs,” he added.

The new showroom is located in the heart of Kuwait’s busiest commercial district of Al Rai, at the intersection of the 4th Ring Road and the Airport Road 55. The showroom boasts an expansive parking area and spans an enormous 45,000 sq feet on a single floor, providing all the needs of consumers under one roof, including a special food section that serves Indian, continental, Chinese and Arabic cuisines. The food section is set to satisfy the cravings of the large number of workers and the floating population in the area.

Competitive pricing, which has been one of the strengths of Grand Hyper, will continue to benefit customers in its newest showroom, providing value without compromising quality or quantity. The new branch will provide all the needs of the customers under one roof across a vast range of product categories including foodstuffs, electronic equipment and appliances, garments from the collections of European designers, footwear, health and beauty items among others.

Vegetable and fruit produce are sold fresh and are purchased from select farms from around the world to ensure the highest quality. Meat and fish products are imported from India and other countries on flights on a daily basis to ensure customers a steady supply of fresh products. Grand Hyper is able to provide such competitive prices by sourcing products directly from international suppliers, bypassing middlemen, who otherwise charge a commission adding to the overall cost. All these factors combine to give shoppers a unique shopping experience that is exciting and truly satisfying.

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