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Government tackles 3,500 cases of e-crimes
November 20, 2017, 8:49 am

The e-Crimes Department of the Criminal Investigations Department spares no efforts to arrest those who intend to commit electronic crimes which are punishable by law to protect the public, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting knowledgeable security sources.

The sources revealed the e- Crimes Department has dealt with 3,500 different cases during the first ten months of this year including cases of insult and abuse which come in first place. In spite of the great technological progress, the country still suffers from technical shortcomings, and the current systems at the Ministry of Communications do not meet the security needs of the state, which prevents the disclosure of many issues and with it the loss of rights of many people, the sources said.

The sources added the e-Crimes Department — in cooperation and coordination with the departments concerned, both at the local and international level — have closed dozens of accounts against public morality, and other accounts created with the aim of insulting and arousing suspicion. The sources pointed out there are organized international gangs targeting citizens and residents in Kuwait, who managed to deceive them and take pictures of them while they are in indecent positions and then blackmailed them by requesting large sums of money from them, to avoid publishing pictures.

The sources also said the hackers managed to penetrate into corporate accounts, and called for precautionary measures when doing any e-commerce business.

Meanwhile, investigators at the Department of Combating Money Laundering Crimes has referred to the prosecution a senior officer who coordinates between the American camps in the country and the commercial companies that deal with them, reports Al-Rai daily. A security source said the senior officer is charged with suspected crimes of bribery in order to facilitate the way to companies to sign contracts with the camps for a margin of profit. Security sources said the Prosecution has released the suspect on KD 2,000 bail after holding him for four days to complete interrogations and investigation, which are still open to find out if he worked alone or there are other partners.

The details of the case, according security sources, say the camps of the American forces in Kuwait deal with many companies to run their interests in vital areas, including nutrition, maintenance, employment and logistical needs, therefore it was necessary to have a coordinator to facilitate business relations between these camps and the companies that deal with them, led by Kuwaiti officers, and among them the suspected senior officer. The source added the first complaints were sent by some companies dealing with US forces to the Office of the Interior Assistant Undersecretary for Criminal Security Affairs Major General Khalid Al-Dayeen.

The complaints were about strict security and inspection measures to the extent of looking for the data and files in cell phones, all of which made by the senior officer and not the Americans. The complaints included accusations against the senior officer of putting pressure to get bribes that sometimes amounted KD 5,000 to facilitate the procedures and help in signing contracts.

Investigations revealed manifestations of sudden richness, in a short time, which raised the suspicion around the senior officer. Investigations also revealed that he already received bribes amounting to KD 5,000 in exchange for facilitating transactions and the removal of arbitrary measures. According to sources the charges against the officer are supported by audio and video clips.

Source: Arab Times

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