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Government rejects imposition of road tax
January 30, 2018, 8:29 am

 An official source at the Ministry of Public Works said the Council of Ministers categorically rejects the imposition of any fees on the roads in future, reports Al-Anba daily. This applies to all roads even those which will be completed in the near future. The source said the roads are for the use of citizens free of charge.

The source added the idea of imposing fees is not originally accepted by the Council of Ministers, so there is no need to prepare a study in this regard. The source also indicated that both the Ministry of Public Works and the Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport have not received any decisions in this regard, either with respect to the road network in general or in relation to some projects such as Sheikh Jaber Bridge or the Fourth Ring Road.

The source stressed the ministry and the Authority comply with the instructions, decisions and regulations of the Council of Ministers and therefore there will be no fees unless the Cabinet issues a decision.

Source: Arab Times

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