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Google translate works without internet connection
August 28, 2016, 2:48 pm

International travelers owning iOS devices can rejoice as Google Translate now begins to work without an internet connection on their devices as well. The feature was available on Android devices earlier.

That means you can now communicate across languages without having to use the internet or data. The app works with 52 languages. Google also added a Tap to Translate feature for Android, which allows users to translate text within other apps, saving users the task of copying and pasting words from one app or browser into Google Translate. This works well with apps like WhatsApp, whose chat features are popular with international users.

Google Translate, of course, is not without errors in accuracy, but it is vastly superior to thumbing through a phrase book. There is also now a Words Lens feature in simplified and traditional Chinese, making it the 29th language on that system. This feature allows users to hold their phone screens in front of words on signs, menus, packages or buildings and see a translation displayed on the phone screen.

More than 500 million people currently use Google Translate.


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