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Google sends out little Lego kits to Project Fi subscribers
December 7, 2015, 11:21 am

Google's Project Fi aims to find a solution to the change in quality of networks as you move around. To help you get the highest-quality connection at your location, Project Fi uses new technology to intelligently connect you to the fastest network whether it's Wi-Fi or one of Google’s partner LTE networks.

Traditionally, phones only connect to one network’s towers. With Project Fi, your phone can access the best of two 4G LTE networks so you can connect to more towers and get fast speed in more places. The Nexus 5X and 6P already work with Project Fi.

Project Fi is an interesting twist on standard cell phone service, one that is full of promise — and it also comes with some surprisingly unique benefits. Google is sending out gifts to a number of Fi subscribers in the form of a Lego kit, one that works as a charging stand for your Nexus phone once assembled. It is not clear if every subscriber gets a kit, but a number of users have been posting photos on — where else — Google+, showing off their Lego docks, complete with the Fi color scheme and a warm holiday welcome. "Thanks for your support," the note reads, "let's build on this." Project Fi is still in its early stages, and you can only sign up by requesting an invite; it also only supports three devices at present, the Nexus 5x, 6, and 6P.


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