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Google's mobile Inbox app to be available on web
March 29, 2016, 1:47 pm

One of the most interesting features of the mobile version of Inbox — Google's other mailbox-management app — is coming to its web version. Called ‘Smart Reply’ and now available for Inbox on the web, it scans your incoming messages and works out a natural-language response, that gives users an easy way to reply to emails quickly without all that troublesome typing.

At first Smart Reply offers simple sentences like "thank you," but over time, the feature uses machine learning to deliver more complicated responses. Choosing a reply lets you edit it before you send, meaning you are not stuck talking like a robot if you do choose to use the feature. Inbox has yet to replace the standard Gmail app in the affections of many, but Smart Reply appears to have become fairly popular since its introduction last November — Google says 10 percent of all mobile replies from Inbox are already composed using the feature.

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