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Google’s Inbox app gets ‘Smart Reply’
November 9, 2015, 1:30 pm

Last week Google announced a new feature for its mobile email app, Inbox, which would automatically suggest short replies to incoming messages. Called Smart Reply, the new feature harnesses Google’s cutting-edge machine intelligence to present three short replies based on the context of the message. The user can then choose one and go, or add more information as necessary.

The new Smart Reply feature is expected to be available for both Android and iOS versions of Inbox as early as next week. The feature works by scanning the incoming emails and then using machine learning to formulate a natural language reply. Google notes that the more you use the feature, the better its suggestions will become. According to Google, most of the early suggestions will be basic things, such as "thank you" and "how about tomorrow?", but the system is capable of replying with 20,000 different phrases. More about the new feature and its underlying technology is available on Google's Research Blog.

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