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Google now recognizes 119 languages for voice-to-text dictation
August 20, 2017, 1:13 pm

If you are too lazy to type, Google’s speech-to-text recognition now supports 119 language varieties for users who want to dictate a message to their phone, which Google claims is three times faster than typing, including 21 that were added just last week.

Google collected speech samples from native speakers saying common phrases for the update. “This process trained our machine learning models to understand the sounds and words of the new languages and to improve their accuracy when exposed to more examples over time,” the company said in a blog post. The dictation can be used for voice search and across Google’s suite of products including the translate app.

Google has also introduced a parent-friendly feature that allows users to dictate emoji by saying “smiling emoji” or “winky face emoji.” The emoji function comes first for English speakers, and will roll out in other languages soon.

To access the voice typing function, install Gboard for Android or iOS and pick your language by pressing the G, then selecting the settings wheel. For voice search, use the Google app and pick your language in the voice settings menu.

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