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Google’s Nest launches HD security camera
June 22, 2015, 3:27 pm

Smart homewares firm Nest has launched a camera that senses movement in a user's home and alerts them via a smartphone app.

The camera will have a night vision mode and customers will be able to pay for their videos to be archived for up to 30 days, Nest said. The firm also announced updates to its thermostat and its smoke detector.

The product launch is the company's first since it was bought by Google for $3.2 billion (£2 billion) in January 2014.

The Nest Cam, the launch of which follows Nest's acquisition of Dropcam for $555 million in June last year, will film in high definition 1080p and will be available from the beginning of July in the UK, Republic of Ireland, France, Netherlands and Belgium.

The camera is built upon the foundations of earlier Dropcam designs. It will be capable of streaming video live and customers will be able to pay subscription fees of £8 and £24 per month to keep the video for 10 and 30 days, respectively.

The existing Nest Protect product, which comprises a smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detector, has been updated and will alert the user if it senses danger, the firm said. The Learning Thermostat, for which Nest is perhaps best known, will also issue alerts if temperatures drop to dangerous levels.

Nest's chief executive Tony Fadell told a press conference in California that the carbon monoxide detector will talk to the thermostat to turn off a user's boiler if there is a carbon monoxide leak.

If Nest Protect detects smoke, it will also communicate with the thermostat, as well as its owner, he added


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