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Gold promotion at Al Mulla Exchange leaves winners happy
July 24, 2014, 12:55 pm

Al Mulla Exchange organized an innovative marketing promotion for the Holy month of Ramadan wherein lucky winners were selected after they made a transaction through Al Mulla Exchange. After the first and second draw of the Gold Promotion, the lucky customers were announced and the winners received the grand prize of 50 gram gold coins. 

Mohamed Keedr Mohamed Abd Almawgood was the winner of the first draw and Adel Badaia Masry Andrawos won the second draw.

The second through twentieth prize winners received 8 gram gold coins each. They were excited about winning and thanked Al Mulla for the wonderful prizes for trusting the company’s services.

Having so many prizes on the promotion has made it possible to have more chances and opportunity for customers to win Gold. Speaking about the promotion, Rajesh Gairola, Divisional General Manager of Al Mulla International Exchange said:  "We at Al Mulla Exchange are continuously looking at ways and means to up the ante on customer delight.”

So far 42 winners have won in the first and second draw; with three more draws to go remitters have the opportunity to take part in this unique promotion.

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