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Global Zumba charity cause is a huge success
September 18, 2016, 5:30 pm

Global Zumba was held on Friday morning at the foyer of the grand ballroom of the Radisson Blu hotel and attended by Filipinos and different nationals. The event was organized in aid of a Filipino patient stricken with liver cancer.

Fourteen instructors and two trainees took the stage and showcased Zumba routines danced in different languages and represented various countries. Melrose from Flex Health Club led the crowd to a great warm-up backed up by another trainer Nympha Roces with trainees Leo Capiendo and Maria Mendoza.

The brief warm was followed by Mary Ann of Pilates and More with Brazilian songs, Personal Trainer Sam Malit with Chinese songs, Janice Capili of Pilates and More with Cuban music, Ga See Marie of Stretch Gym with Hawaiian Songs, Nimfa Gacer of Champions Health Club with Indian Music, not to miss Helen Rahi of Marina Hotel backed up by Osama Ahmed with Arabic songs, Mexico represented by Mariz Tambis, Tessy Cabrera from Peru with contemporary songs, Sofie Omar of Boxhill College joined by all trainers on stage danced to Filipino music, Jamie Red with Spanish music, United Kingdom represented by Mariel Quijano of Champions,  Stella Munch of  Mabroor Health Club with US Country Western music and finally by Mynnah Digdigan of Champions Health Club. Cool down period was led by Rahi.

The event culminated with mentor of The Gym Team Ida Pellaud, wife of the general manager of Radisson Blu hotel Philippe Pellaud, handing over the amount collected during registration to Emz Pantangco, a fitness trainer from Champions whose husband is stricken with cancer on stage 3. Prior to the warm up, a video clip was shown on screen with the cancer patient delivering his thank you message to the Gym team for choosing him to be the beneficiary of the said charity advocacy.

The Gym Team has been an active leader in creating awareness on the importance of fitness and health via its weekly Zumba classes held at Chai Al Dhaha Ballet Studio of the fitness center and organizes fitness master classes and fun workouts with themes and proceeds tp be donated to chosen beneficiaries.

“I am really proud to be a part of the Gym Team and tears filled my eyes as people arrive, register and take part in such a noble project. It feels good to be able to share even with small amount collected and extends help to people in need. I believe this is why this group was organized, to be able to help in any it can either through services or donations of goods,” commented Rahi. The Gym Team would like to thank Melissa Mendez of Bahay Kubo for the drinks and Vistal and for the fruits donated during the event and Radisson Blu hotel for the ballroom. 

The Gym team also announced that on the 28 October, The Gym team will hold another advocacy and will bear the theme “Retro 90’s”.

- Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer


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