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Global Ceylon Tea Party celebrations held in Kuwait
July 8, 2017, 4:59 pm

Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Kuwait H.E. Kandeepan Bala held an afternoon tea celebration on 6 July at his residence in Salwa, as part of a unique 24-hour global tea party held concurrently all over the world.

Under the world renowned Ceylon Tea brand, Sri Lanka’s tea industry celebrated its 150 anniversary of producing tea on a commercial basis. To mark the occasion, tea parties were held in different parts of the world in a 24-hour timeline making it the world’s first 24 hour tea party.

Addressing the exclusive gathering of invitees, Ambassador Bala noted the great contribution of the tea industry to Sri Lankan economy. He also pointed out that Kuwait imported around six million kilogrammes annually of various Sri Lankan tea varieties. He explained that Sri Lankan tea was popular all over the world for its high quality, freshness and ozone friendly production techniques, making it the first choice among tea lovers around the world.

The government of Sri Lanka has planned a year-long celebration all around Sri Lanka to not only retrace the glorious history and legacy of the island’s most famous export, but also to underline its continued importance to the country’s present and future.

It was during the British era that tea first began to be cultivated and manufactured on the island. Tea from Ceylon soon gained reputation as being the finest in the world, and tea exports became the mainstay of the colonial economy.

Housewives and restaurateurs across the globe grew familiar with the name of the country—learning that its appearance in a tin or packet reliably guaranteed the quality of the tea inside. Independence brought new markets, and production continued to increase. In 1965, Ceylon became the world’s largest exporter of tea — for the first time. And to this day, the country remains one of the largest tea exporters.

Credit for the commercialisation of the tea goes to Scotsman, James Taylor who planted the first commercial crop in 1867, its delicious taste, aroma and quality gave birth to an iconic brand that paved the way for a multi-million dollar industry. Today, Ceylon Tea epitomises the ‘best tea’ in the world. The Lion logo which symbolises 100 percent Pure Ceylon Tea is carried across all packaging and is recognised globally as the ultimate stamp of quality and taste.

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