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Glitter nail polish tricks
February 14, 2018, 4:10 pm

Jewel tones, luxurious fabrics and sequins have all decorated nails, —but the most popular trend is glitter nails. Fingers that catch the light while you're typing up your twelfth email of the day are just mood boosters are always trendy.

That said, when you go glittery there are a few essential tricks to know, like how to avoid encasing two small, sad pieces of glitter in a thick coat of clear polish. Read on for the best tips for glitter nail polish.

Start with a rubberized basecoat: Even if you usually skip a base coat, now is not the time. The key to a good glitter experience is laying down a first layer with a rubberized basecoat. The rubberized aspect makes it super smooth, which later on makes the glitter easier to remove.

Paint on nail bumpers:  A good trick is coating the skin around your nails with glue. Paint it around your nail with a Q-tip, wait for it to dry, do your polish, and then peel off the dried safety guard of glue. Anywhere your polish brush slipped, gone in an instant.

Use metallic polish a base color: The hardest thing about glitter polish is reaching the even, thick level of glitter that you see in the bottle. The trick for pulling off the illusion of fully glittered nails is starting with one coat of a matching, metallic color. It gives you the look of shine, without the work of layering on glitter.

Swap your brush for a foam sponge: To get that solid coating of glitter, nothing works better than a foam makeup wedge. After your base coat is on, paint the glitter polish onto the sponge, and then press the sponge on your nails. The glitter will cling to your nail, but the polish won't, so you avoid the globby look of too many polish layers.

Wait three minutes between coats: With normal polishes, you can usually get away with painting a second coat on before your nails are all the way dry. But with glitter, you want to use thin coats, with two to three minutes of drying time between layers. If you're working with a thinner, more liquid-y polish, there will be less glitter on the brush, so you can do more coats. But with a formula that's loaded with glitter, stop at two coats or you'll risk globs.

Wipe your brush before every use:  If you're using a brush to apply, you should wipe it off with a paper towel after you've painted each nail. It'll prevent messy clumps and help your polish layer on in those nice, ideal thin coats.

Tap on acetone if your glitter goes on too thick: You can use acetone to even out a thick layer of glitter by putting it on a foam wedge and tapping it on the offending nail. Since you're not using a lot of pressure, it won't remove the polish entirely, rather, it'll only tone down bumps.

Use tape to clean up errant flecks: If you end up with glitter on your skin, there is a fix. You can usually get away with just scraping large glitter flecks off, but if you're using a smaller size, tape will come in handy. Wait until the polish is almost dry, and then use tape to pull up the pieces that went out of bounds.

Use the 10-second rule to take it off: Removing glitter can be a nightmare situation, thanks to little sequins stubbornly hanging on. Before you start scratching each piece off by hand, take a remover, soak a cotton ball in it, and hold it to your nail for 10 to 15 seconds. Slowly rub the cotton back and forth, and it'll lift all the glitter from underneath.

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