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Glamorous grey
October 18, 2015, 1:00 pm

Grey can be a nice alternative to your usual black and/or white outfits if you are looking for a new neutral color. It is a misconception that gray is a dull and lifeless shade, since the trends show that women can actually wear grey and look good, creating an exciting outfit for any occasion. Here are some ways to wear grey.

Play with textures: make the color more interesting with texture play where you mix different textures like leather with knitwear. The grey monochromatic outfit trend can come off as effortless if you focus on the perfect match of textures, details, and proportions in an outfit. A silky grey blouse, for example, matched with culottes can make a great fashion statement, and the cool balance between both fabrics is so mode. Therefore, keeping a single colour palette simply allows the different fabrics and materials you have specially chosen to be the highlighting feature of your outfit, particularlu

Mix and match prints and patterns: Mixing unexpected patterns can feel tricky, but even the most dizzying of combinations work as long as the color palette does. A cute gray and white polka dot pullover complements gray skinny jeans for a really nice fall look. Feel free to pick out bolder and more unique prints and patterns to give the old boring gray color a new and unique personality.

Try on different shades: The monochrome gray outfit trend should not be limited to the same shade when are many types of grey to create stunning look. There is nothing more titillating than a tight turtleneck in neutral grey put together with a trendy charcoal grey pencil-skirt. This outfit just oozes class. Tone-on-tone colorblocking is where it is all at to rock the grey trend in style. Titanium grey interjects a strong undercurrent to a pretty glacier grey outfit, particularly when you select separates that have a modern edge and stylish shapes. Any special accents like animal-print or metallic will provide a truly arresting look.

Add pops of colors:  now, if a monochromatic look is not for you, make the grey pop with clothing items in a variety of colors to achieve a desired style type. If you enjoy being soft and feminine, gray is fantastic with pastel colors. All about crazy, colorful outfits go ahead and anchor down your go-to color combos to your gray piece. While a luxurious grey mini-dress does its job on the dance floor, solid knee-high boots and a clean-lined orange saturated coat balance out the wow factor.

The obvious way to punch up a heavy-on-the-grey ensemble is with a bright pop of color, or you can stick with graphic clothing or a black-and-white option. These choices can help emphasize the grey without detracting from its neutral quality.

Choose a trendy silhouette: since gray is already a basic color, wearing it on clothing considered ordinary like a t-shirt or leggings can be a tad unimaginative. Rather, you should flaunt grey on modern pieces like capes, vests and in large, bold swaths, either in a knee-length tea dress or a strikingly tailored suit. Also following the way to runway fresh are retro throwbacks like car coats and cropped trousers that make for surprisingly amazing casual attire. This is an easy way to upgrade gray from being dull into a piece totally covetable.


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