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Glamorous gold makeup
September 5, 2017, 4:35 pm

Move over, silver and bronze. It's officially the season of gold makeup. You can't help but add a touch of metallic sparkle - be it gilded lids or glittery polish - to your makeup repertoire . That is why it's the only metallic you should be wearing to ensure you will take first place in makeup at all of your gatherings. Here are some ideas for wearing gold makeup.

Sparkly golden eye:  Up the ante on a dramatic cat eye by adding gold glitter. Sweep a gold eye shadow over your entire lid. Use a black liquid liner to create a thick cat eye. Next, take a glittery gold gel liner because it's easy to apply and there's no fallout and use it to trace over the gold shadow on your lid that still shows. Be sure to let it dry before opening your eyes.  Keep the rest of your face neutral to let your eyes really pop.

Gold eyeliner: Use a mixture of rose gold shadow and gilded liner to create this holiday-ready, gold eye makeup look. Line your eyes from inner to outer corner with a golden eyeliner to get a similarly festive look.

Strobe your way to a golden glow: To prep your skin so it glows like an angel, use a special foundation that adds a subtle golden glow to your skin and blurs away imperfections.

Then, go for a liquid golden highlighter and apply it wherever the light would naturally hit your face - down your nose, on your forehead, cheekbones, chin and cupid's bow.

To make your skin look extra angelic, use a fluffy brush to apply a gold powder highlighter over your liquid one.

Shimmering gold eye makeup: A swipe of gold shadow across your lid and in the crease of your eye is a pretty, subtle take on the gold makeup trend. Pair it with a subtle black liner, white liner on your lower waterline, and a nude-brown lipstick for the most perfect evening look.

Gold smoky eye: The key to this gold eye makeup look is to use multiple shades of gold shadow. Then, apply a rich gold over your lid and under your lower lash line. If you want more intense color payoff, apply it wet. Highlight under your brow bone a light gold shade for some added oomph.


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