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Glamorous Women’s day at Bhavan’s SIS
March 15, 2018, 3:45 pm

International Women’s day - the global commemoration at Smart Indian School (SIS) took place on 8 and 10 March for students and teachers respectively in its very own auditorium. The debutante remembrance of the day came on the heels with newfangled ways of celebrating the legacy of both acknowledged and the unacknowledged womenfolk who championed as the apostle in the transformation of their ideas to a movement and thereby erecting a cult in its own way. The empowering day was graced by the school Principal, Mahesh Iyer, Shaima Zaki Administrative Manager and Rajni Menon, KG Supervisor.

The days saw their various programs as students taking an oath to respect women. The male staff of both teaching and non-teaching organized and hosted an exclusive program for the female staff and the housekeeping members of the institution. Thus the day welcomed the majestic spirit of victory by all as they were adorned in the hue of purple. It crawled into the programs by witnessing  the ‘cooking without fire’  competition where the male teachers willingly and cheerfully gelled their success.

The fashion that echoes to have the development at all times revealed its beauty when the female teachers styled themselves in the ramp of confidence and charm. The time on games revived the ever seeking earnestness of each one to taste the long gone days of childhood joy in trivial things. The waves of melody that softened the aura and the minds of the listeners was yet another highlight of the day, presented by the Principal Mahesh Iyer, who is ever known not only by the post he holds but also as a charming singer to all of us. The Administrative Manager Ms.Shaima and the Kindergarten Supervisor Ms. Rajni were duly honored as extraordinary women among the ordinary.

The Principal thanked the organizers for their utmost support in conducting the program. The session came to the halt by recalling and reinforcing the struggles and success that the women are environed to and wished everyone for the consistency of liberty in all spheres.

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