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Give your child a personal style
July 30, 2013, 11:16 am

Shopping for back to school is one of those really fun and exciting activities that kids and parents do together. There is nothing quite as exciting for kids as choosing new outfits to show off in the school halls or on an outing. What about trends?

Today's moms think fashion is fun and many enjoy shopping for the best clothing wear and will involve their kids in the decisions. If you want to your kids to dress well, then it is important to teach them how to select the right clothes for them in the right styles and meet the clothes budget. Here's how.

Color matters: It is no secret that some people wear certain colors better than others — and that is true for kids too. So, be color aware. Step one is to find the child's best colors. These are not necessarily his or her favorite colors but the ones that are most attractive on them. Go to a fabric store and see what colors really work with your child's skin tone. Once you know the best colors, you can shop with fabric swatches or paint chips and know that what you buy will go with other items already in the closet. This saves time and money and avoids mismatches. 

Teaching kids to highlight their best features when they are young will help set the stage for later discussions. Point out differences, like colors that complement your daughter's complexion but wash out your own. These conversations will make it easier to one day discuss how best to dress for body proportions, and consider any flaws as a feature to be carefully flattered instead of hidden or ashamed of.

Find out what they like, within your parameters: You want to encourage your child to find their own style... but you want it to be within reason. So, how do you accomplish that? Easy if you put together a section of photos (from catalogues, magazines, etc) of varied styles that you approve of and falls within the style range your child gravitates towards. When you have representative samples, you can show them to your child and elicit feedback. Do this with only one child at a time, so they get personal time and are not bothered by negative comments from siblings.

Teach them value: Kids have no idea how much things including clothing cost. It is your responsibility to teach them how to create a great wardrobe on a budget. Most kids are apt to lean towards the 'name brands' that everyone else is wearing, even if they cost five times more than an unbranded T-shirt or sweatshirt. What can you do? Stress the importance of saving on the staples — like t-shirts, sweats, socks and more — and splurging on just a few statement pieces. For older kids, give them a budget for clothing and if the kid wants to spend more than is allotted (for name brands, etc.), the child will have to pay the extra amount. 

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