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Gifted designer presents the rich Textile heritage of India
April 24, 2014, 1:24 pm

The Kuwait Textile Arts Association under the auspices of Al Sadu Weaving Cooperative Society organized a remarkable presentation and fashion show at Beit Al Sadu Kuwait on 23 April at 6:30 pm. The special guest, renowned fashion designer Amalin Datta, discussed the rich textile arts of Indian heritage to members of the KTAA, supporters and other notable guests. To start the evening, Ambassador of India to Kuwait, Shri Sunil Jain, was invited to light the ceremonial lamp.  This was followed by a special dance performance by students from the Srishti Classical and Creative Dance Academy.

Mr. Amalin Datta offered a lively talk to the audience, touching on many aspects of the growth of textiles, prints and fashion in Indian history. To show the beauty of textiles of that era, a small fashion show took place where ladies displayed clothing with rich traditional designs.

Mr. Datta’s presentation ended with a small fashion show featuring his own unique designs that had a mix of traditional and modern elements. The audience was spellbound by the intricate artwork and brilliant colours of the clothes. His designs were appreciated for being bold and unique, and were very distinctive.

The show ended with a thanks extended to the organizers, models and all associated with the event. People interested in his designs could browse the exhibition where many beautiful items were on sale.

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