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Ghana wins maritime boundary case against Ivory Coast
October 12, 2017, 4:08 pm

In a unanimous ruling last week the Hamburg-based International Tribunal of the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) said that Ghana did not violate the rights of the Ivory Coast in oil exploration within and beyond 200 nm (nautical miles). The court also ruled that Ghana is not entitled to pay any reparation to Ivory Coast for the exploration of oil within the disputed boundaries in the Atlantic Ocean.

The maritime dispute began in 2007 when Ghana discovered oil off its coast which neighboring Ivory Coast laid claims to. Following a series of failed bilateral and multilateral negotiations, Ghana filed a case at the ITLOS in 2014, asking the court to rule on the delimitation of the maritime boundary between the two countries.

A special chamber was formed in 2015 presided over by ITLOS Vice-President Boualem Bouguetaia and included another member of the Tribunal along with two ad hoc judges to deal with the dispute.

The court in its ruling last week redefined the maritime boundary resulting in a small reduction to Ghana’s boundary claim and rejecting Ivory Coast’s claim. The ruling means Ghana can now keep its oil concessions and develop the Tweneboa, Enyira and Ntome (TEN) oil fields in the area with hopes of boosting production.


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