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Get voluminous hair without a blow dryer
September 15, 2015, 12:08 pm

It is sad but true, the air that circulates through the AC is often very humid and this leads to lank, limp locks. Add that to the fact that when it is very hot, using a blow dryer can be considered a form of torture, so you are left wondering how to deal with the volume deficiency on your head. To keep your hair voluminous without resorting to mad heat styling, follow these simple volume-boosting hacks that do not require a blow dryer.

Flip your part: The quickest way to cheat volume is to switch your parting to the opposite side from what your normal hairstyle was. If you normally part in the centre, a deep part to either a side part will instantly boost your look.

Shake it off: Shake your hair out and flip back up, twisting front pieces away from your face. To set the instant volume, spritz on your hair a light finishing spray. 

Condition tips only: Conditioning the roots can weigh down hair, instead, add moisture with a hydrating shampoo. If your hair is naturally oily and gets weighed down by moisturizing shampoos, use a volumizing shampoo that moisturizes with jojoba seed oil—the lightest of the essential oils.

Go overboard with dry shampoo: Dry shampoo helps to expand the body of your hair. When using it as a styling product, apply it all over the hair, not just on the roots. Select a dry shampoo that keeps the hair moisturized so you can skip the shampoo and conditioner while boosting body. Just as you massage your shampoo into your scalp, do the same with your dry shampoo. Massaging with your hands will lift the roots and make hair look thicker.

Go retro with rollers:  Velcro rollers give volume exactly where you need it—at the roots. Extra-large rollers give a subtle bounce and smooth strands while smaller rollers give more strength to the volume at the root and add more prominent curls to the ends. If you have the time, pop the rollers into damp hair and leave to dry naturally. If time is of the essence, pop them into dry hair, spray with a hairy spray and leave in for a few minutes. Remove and comb through using your fingers.

Get more protein: Shampoos and conditioners formulated with proteins temporarily add volume by closing gaps in the strands (i.e. split ends) and add volume over time by strengthening.

Tease it: Teasing and backcombing is a well-recognized technique for giving instant volume to any length of hair, but you must do it right to avoid damage. Taking a small section of hair, use your comb to push down toward the roots. Take your comb out and repeat. Don’t rub up and down the section as this can rip and split your hair.



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