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Get rid of deep forehead creases
April 25, 2016, 2:00 pm

Women make all sorts of mistakes, they furtively brow-raised, too-oft frowned, and skimped on sunscreen. The result is they now have etched lines and wrinkles across their forehead. There is much that can be done to camouflage the evidence! Here are some tips on how to get rid of forehead wrinkles.

Lines in the forehead itself are caused by the muscles that raise the eyebrow (in this case the ‘frontalis’ muscle).  As women age and the skin is folded over on itself repeatedly, they can develop creases that are even there when the muscle is not twitching.  It is the same principle for the vertical lines between the eyes, but this is due to the ‘corrugator’ muscles. Here are some tips to fix it.

Primer: Illuminating primers can fill these lines, helping to camouflage by reflecting light away from them. Primer can also be your best friend, because it creates a base coat, helping to keep your foundation from settling into—and emphasizing—furrows. Apply a thin layer over your moisturizer before you apply foundation.

Acupuncture:  After a series of 10-12 treatments, twice a week for five weeks, you will notice fine lines diminishing, deep wrinkles softened, less sagging in the skin, less droopiness in eye lids and a more clear and radiant complexion.  The treatment also smooths out lines and wrinkles by toning the facial muscles—like a facelift without surgery. No drugs, no creams, definitely no scalpels. This procedure uses needles strategically all over the body and face to help stimulate the production of collagen and elastin and plump up the skin, increase circulation and improve overall complexion.

Hairstyle change: Ask your colorist to add highlights around the eyes. It will brighten the color of your eyes and soften the appearance of wrinkles.  Another good tip for forehead wrinkles is to ask your hair stylist to cut a choppy fringe. Not only will it hide wrinkles, but it will frame your face and soften your features for a fresh new look.

Exercise: Did you know that you can get rid of wrinkles by performing different type of headstand exercises? Headstands reduce wrinkles by increasing blood flow  and circulation to the face and scalp. They also reduce facial fatigue by causing the muscles of the face to invert and relax.

The home remedy: A good fix: petroleum jelly. Every evening, swipe a light coat across your forehead after washing your face, while your skin is still damp. The petroleum jelly will lock in moisture, plumping lines. To reduce its potentially greasy feel, massage it in until your skin no longer feels slick.


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