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Get over guilt as a female entrepreneur and parent
August 8, 2017, 4:02 pm

Women can often feel guilty when they take the time to do something for themselves. The nurturing aspect of their DNA seems to be set to constant concern regarding their family and those around them. When it comes to the decision of running their own businesses, female entrepreneurs worry how everyone else is going to succeed if they devote their time to a startup. However, it is possible if the women multitasks well and has a roadmap for how to successfully approach their work responsibilities and family responsibilities.

Skills building and instilling a motivation to succeed:  Unlike having a traditional job where your kids won't see you, you can typically run a startup or small business from a home environment. This provides a great example for your kids about how a business runs and what goes into making it a success. There are some people who even include their kids in work -- from stamping envelopes and making copies to filing.

It's also a great way to spend time with your kids and make them feel a part of what you are doing. It also ignites their own entrepreneurial ability and starts them off on a right foot. They can also build work skills at an earlier age, by typing, video editing, using social media, coding and more.

In this way, you are not only helping your kids become more successful, but you are also pushing the momentum forward on female entrepreneurship and leadership that is so necessary for future generations.

Teaching and learning life lessons: You can also choose to use your time as an entrepreneur as a way to teach children about life, including how to handle challenges. Most people grow up ill-prepared to take on the real world. The natural inclination for women is to shield kids and family members from what's impacting them. Women don't want to seem like they can't handle what's been put in front of them.

Choose to take a different perspective by embracing these situations as a way to explain to your family how you addressed the problem. Use the experience to teach your kids a lesson in ethics and values, problem-solving, or emotional intelligence development. Again, they are getting to experience something that other children may not, so you are putting them at a competitive advantage for later in life. You are also doing your job as a parent by teaching them something.

Schedule everything: What makes the constant juggling act that many women do in all their roles work is a well-oiled machine of organization built around a schedule. Mostly working like clockwork, this schedule is based on everyone's activities. Running the business often comes early in the morning and the evening to accommodate family events and lessons when others are around.

Many things will not go as planned. Your clients, children and family members have other ideas about how you should spend your time. These ideas typically pull you away from a productive work day. Be flexible and patient to allow some of that to happen while taking control of other situations to ensure you still have the time to help clients and keep the business going. You'll make more money on some days than others with your regimen. If you take care of everything you can, there is no reason to feel guilty.

Delegating and investing in support: It's OK to delegate some of your work by getting a virtual or in-house assistant who can take the load off of you. As you grow your business, maybe you want to reach out to other mothers looking to put their writing, coding, graphic design or other skills to work from home. This is a mutually beneficial way to address any concerns you have about running your business.



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