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Get great lashes
June 22, 2017, 1:56 pm

Regardless of what type of lashes you are born with, there are endless mascaras, tools, and tricks out there that can give your peepers a major boost. Instead of wiggling on the same formula you have used for years, grab some cotton balls, pump that curler, and soak up these tips.

Apply multiple coats: Layering your mascara — just like you layer shadows for the perfect smokey eye — will not weigh your lashes down. What is important is choosing lightweight formulas that are easy to comb through and blend together seamlessly on the lash. If you find that your lashes look and feel too thick or clumpy from multiple formulas, a metal lash comb will be your new friend.

Find the right brush: Depending on what kind of lashes you have or are trying to achieve, your ideal wand can vary. A dual-ended comb wand is a great option for teeny-tiny lashes when you want to add length, while a volumizer mascara wand will latch onto even the longest, straightest lashes, thickening them up and offering added lift.

Always start with a curler: Lash curlers are essential to creating that wide-eyed, lifted look, and won’t damage your lashes as long as you use them properly. To get your best lashes ever, you absolutely must start with a good foundation, which is an eyelash curler. If you have short, straight lashes, a heated eyelash curler can make a big difference in terms of opening up your eye. If you have got long lashes, try a traditional model of eyelash curler. For those little ones in the corners of our eyes that never seem to curl properly, an individual curler will make a big difference.

Make the right moves with your wand: To get thick, separated, curled eyelashes, use a couple specific movements. You must wiggle the wand to the very root of the lashes and slowly zigzag the wand to the tip of the lash. Remember to bring the inner corner lashes to the start of the brow, the center lashes upward to the sky, and the outer corner lashes facing the tail of the brow. This intentional method of styling creates a gorgeous starburst effect that maximizes your lash real estate. Holding the wand vertically to paint individual lashes that need a little extra definition also helps. If you want to take your eyelash styling to the next level and add serious definition, consider innovative products that lets you coat each individual lash thanks to a unique stainless steel-tipped wand.

Keep your dryer and maybe cotton balls handy: There are a ton of hacks to elevate your eyelash game. You can always opt for semi-permanent enhancements to your natural lashes in the form of dying and perming them, which is a great option if you have lightly colored and/or stick straight lashes. Speaking of stick straight eyelashes, if you find yourself sans lash curler, try the blowdryer lash curling hack — it’s a lifesaver if you’re in a pinch. Adding length is easy with the cotton ball eyelash lengthening hack.

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