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Get On-Trend Eyebrows
June 22, 2014, 3:36 pm

It's no secret that a well-defined brow can really balance your features and frame your face.  To achieve symmetrical brows of any style, the simple steps are: Directly line up a pencil or brow brush with the side of your nose, this is where your eyebrow should start. Make a small point with a colored pencil. From the same point on your nose, angle the tool so it crosses over the centre of your iris diagonally – this is where your eyebrow should arch. Finally, from the same point on your nose, take tool to the outside corner of eye and leave a mark. That’s where your eyebrow should end

Meanwhile, here's how you can achieve 3 of the hottest on-trend looks inspired by the world of beauty, fashion and celebrity from the comfort of your own home - the Cara, the Jennifer and the Bambi:

'The Bambi' (above left): This is a true natural full brow. Brows are left unruly. It is usually brushed upward and groomed underneath and is accentuated by using a combination dark brown pencil and powder. This brow requires minimal maintenance and is a style that suits a rounder face shape.

'The Jennifer' (middle): This brow is a softly angled thicker brow, a few shades darker than your natural hair colour. It doesn’t have a high arch and overall is not considered too strong, instead it starts full and thick and then tapers towards the temple. This is a style that suits oval and long face shapes.

'The Cara' (above right): This eye-catching, bold brow is all about the bigger the better! It taps into the fuller eyebrow trend but is much more structured than ‘The Bambi’. The dramatic brow creates a strong statement as it becomes the main focus of face with the darker brow creating a contrast and impression, especially against blonde hair. This style is recommended for diamond shaped faces.


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