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Germany to collaborate with Kuwait on aid disbursement
December 8, 2018, 4:51 pm

Germany is looking to collaborate with Kuwait on disbursement of humanitarian aid to international aid agencies, disclosed Dr. Thomas Zahneisen, director for humanitarian assistance at the German Federal Office.

During his brief visit to Kuwait, Dr. Zahneisen praised Kuwait’s humanitarian efforts on the global platform adding that Kuwait was one of the top global humanitarian donors and was a very experienced donor nation.

“We realised that we have a lot of convergence of opinion with Kuwait on the issue related to humanitarian aid, as Kuwait is not only the most important donor outside the European Union but is also an important leader in humanitarian aid, it was a natural choice to partner with Kuwait.”

Dr. Zahneisen disclosed that in the past 5 years, Germany has taken a leading role in humanitarian aid assistance, disbursing around 1.6 billion euros and is now only second after the United States in terms of international aid.

In addition to sharing the way the two countries work, Dr. Zahneisen also stressed that humanitarian aid should not be an instrument of politics but should be used for the benefit of people. “We strongly object to anybody politicising humanitarian aid, and we certainly don’t want to hold anyone in dire need as a hostage in aid distribution,” he said, adding “like Germany, Kuwait is a strong advocate of this principle and we respect this very much.”

Germany is looking to learn from Kuwait’s experience as they have been an important donor nation, long before Germany, and as a leader in humanitarian aid, Kuwait has a very powerful voice in the global community that is heard. We seek ways to support each other, said Dr. Zahneisen.

“Germany wants to contribute more to humanitarian aid like Kuwait, but we would also like other countries to increase their contributions to humanitarian issues,” he disclosed. “We would like to get together and work together in search of partners outside the European Union. Our choice to partner with Kuwait is an obvious one,” he added.

- Staff Report 


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