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Geocaching Kuwait
February 25, 2015, 1:57 pm

Kuwait, sitting in the cradle of one of the most ancient corners of world civilization, was once a barren desert with a few settlements and a largely nomadic population. While it is true that with a bit of patience and an eye for detail, there is plenty to see even in a  barren desert, Kuwait has come long way from its impoverished desolate past.

Today, it is a country with all the trappings of rich, modern city-state with excellent museums, a corniche lined with combed beaches and lively restaurants; overflowing malls and souqs that mark the Kuwait City experience. The country's huge oil reserves and powerful currency, its peace and pace, and most importantly the country's tremendous capacity of generous acceptability of a large expat community, has since long been an influence on the country's culture and cuisine.

Here is a list of enjoyable options that you could consider for the upcoming National and Liberation Day holidays; unless, of course, your idea of fun is being  part of the road-rally-celebrations and joining the escapades of feverishly enthusiastic patriotic youngsters, tooting horns and spraying colored water at passersby with their water cannons. 

The Scientific Center, Kuwait

Housed in an iconic building with sail-shaped awnings on Kuwait’s corniche, the Scientific Center is split into three beautifully-designed parts – the Discovery section, the IMAX theatre and the Aquarium, incidentally the largest in the Gulf. The waterfront provides an excellent walking promenade extending in wave like patterns for one whole kilometer, as well as two fishing piers extending 70m into the Gulf, for fishing enthusiasts, complete with seating, shades and light beacons. The recent Award-winning and interactive production – 1001 Inventions Exhibition at its outer tent, themed ‘Discovering our Past… Inspiring Our Future’, highlights over one thousand years of scientific and cultural achievements made during the creative Golden Age of Muslim Civilization, which stretched from Spain to China from the 7th century onwards. Indulge in a diverse range of exhibits, hi-tech games, interactive displays and science theatre at its eight interactive zones after watching the award-winning short film – 1001 Inventions The Library of Secrets.

Ras Al-Ardh Area, Arabian Gulf Road, Salmiya. The 1001 Invention is running until 7 March | Sunday – Thursday, 9am – 1pm, 4.30 – 9.30 pm / Friday, 2 – 10pm / Saturday from 9.00am till 9.30pm. 

The Shooting Range

Become a sharp-shooter as you participate in biathlon that combines rifle marksmanship with cross-country running. An expert guide at the shooting range walks you through the entire process; so take your choice of handguns and rifles, and go all out.

6th Ring Road, Behind  Hunting and Equestrian Club.

House of Mirrors

See Kuwait's own House of Mirrors owned by Lidia Al-Qattan, the widow of  the late Khalifa Al-Qattan, a renowned Kuwaiti artist, who filled the house with glass mosaics to create different art in different ways. In fact what started with just one wall has now turned into an entire house and grew to incorporate epic scenes such as in the Room of the Universe (bedroom) and the Basin of the Sharks (hallway). The house also features artwork by the late Khalifa Al-Qattan. Reputedly, 77 tons of mirror and 102 tons of white cement have been used in the creation of the mirror mosaics that spangle the entire house – both inside and out.
House 17, Block 9, Qadsiya. Call in advance at 22518522.

Kuwait Zoo

The Kuwait Zoo is an educational destination for everyone with over 1600 animals and rare birds, including five different sections, each containing 12 breeds of birds. Learn more about wildlife with dangerous carnivores like cheetah, leopards, tigers and lions; exotic birds like swans, flamingos, vultures, and white pelicans; 'creepy crawlies' like boa constrictors, desert cobras and rattle snakes.

Airport Road off the Fifth Ring Road, Al-Omariya

SIRBB Circuit

Start your engines! SIRBB Circuit is one of the newest tracks in the Middle-East – a dream destination for speed racers and adrenaline junkies alike. The track includes seven curves designed to international safety standards with the highest technology. Aside from the spectator's section, a private room is available with a direct view of the track and screens equipped to transmit a live feed of the track events. Here is a perfect place to try something new, or fine tune your existing skills.

Shuwaikh Industrial Area

Souq Mubarakiya

Right in the heart of the city, Souq Mubarakiya is an amazing labyrinth of little shops, main boulevards and halls of produce. Name what you need – from choice traditional foods to fabric stalls, vintage guns and ammo, perfumes to gold, souvenirs to a small history museum off the entrance courtyard – and you will find it in within the confines of this old traditional market. The market also hosts two mini museums: Sheikh Mubarak Kiosk and the first Islamic pharmacy in Kuwait, where admission is free. Do not miss out on the courtyard near Al-Bahar or Sea Mosque, where you can find traditional cafes brewing their teas over coals. The biggest and at least 200 year-old souq in Kuwait has in store authentic experiences for anyone and everyone.

Kuwait City

Kuwait Towers

One of the country's most famous architectural landmarks, the Kuwait Towers are unique for the surroundings and offer a great view of downtown and of the Gulf Road from the rotating viewing platform located in one of the spheres of the tower. It consist of three towers – the highest 187m tall, the second one, a water reservoir is 147m tall and the shortest one which is an electricity control center is 113m tall. An urban monument that symbolizes Kuwait’s progressive and economic renaissance as well as a world’s cultural and tourist landmark, the towers are being transformed to feature complete lighting with the highest quality in LED technology. Turning it into the most recognized media façade, the fully-interactive towers are up for a spectacular lighting show on 25 and 26 February to celebrate Kuwait’s National and Liberation Days.

National Museum 

The Museum comprises four buildings and a planetarium. It was stripped and burnt by the Iraqi invaders, and now it houses the Al Sabah collection of Islamic art, the most comprehensive collections in the world. The other buildings display pearl-diving relics, archaeological material from excavations on Failaka Islands and ethnographic artifacts. The Museum also houses the Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiyyah (DAI), a wide collection of Islamic art, ranging from early Islam to the eighteenth century. A variety of artistic and scholarly activities revolve around this collection. A reference library, with various publications of Hadeeth ad-Dar maintains a close link with the DAI, to give viewers a better knowledge of the artifacts.

Sadu House 

The roots of Kuwait are associated with both the desert and the sea. The Bedouins lived a life governed by the rhythm of seasons. Sadu weaving, characterized by geometric designs woven by hand with dyed, spun and colored wool, is a traditional craft of major importance. The Al-Sadu Society, which was formed with the intention of safeguarding traditional Bedouin crafts and saving them total extinction, led to the establishment of Sadu House.

The house comprises various chambers decorated with construction materials and pottery, depicting the old houses, mosques, water and bread storage places etc., in Kuwait. Al Baraha, another section, is a roofed playground that in days gone by was meant for children to play.

Historical, Vintage & Classic Car Museum

The first museum in Kuwait specializing in historical and vintage cars, this museum displays vintage, rare beauties, old-Kuwait picture gallery, a library with books about cars, encyclopedias and holds educational and cultural workshops. Its exhibition hall presents the finest collection of classic cars on public display anywhere within the region, with a superb ‘James Bond’ Aston Martin DB5 at the entrance. More than a full century of motoring history is laid out –and many cars hold unique and special connections to Kuwait. Adorning the walls of the exhibition hall are images from motoring’s illustrious past, many of the photographs specifically highlight Kuwait’s motoring history too. Also there is a permanent display of models illustrating many of the most iconic cars of the last hundred years Located within the museum complex the ‘Museum City’ provides a unique and self-contained driving experience for 6 to 16 year-olds.

Shuwaikh Industrial Area, Block 1, St. 49.

Kuwait Camel Racing Club is in Kabd, an hour’s drive west of Kuwait City. Races are held most weeks Nov–May, generally on Saturdays.


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