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Genius morning beauty hacks
September 5, 2017, 4:38 pm

Many women struggle with their beauty routine during a busy morning, and most are willing to skip their makeup regiment if it means catching just a few extra minutes of sleep.  However, you no longer have to choose between sleep and beauty. With some practical hacks, you can have both.

These beauty tips are so easy you will be able to follow them in your half-asleep daze, but they will make you look like you had spent hours primping. Some of these you can literally do in your sleep. Here are some of the easiest morning beauty tips.

Do the bang wash:  If you want to skip shampooing but don't want to leave the house with stringy bangs, just wash your bangs. It's easy,  pull the rest of your hair back in a ponytail, wet your hands with a small dime-size amount of conditioner, run it through your fringe, and rinse it out under the faucet. If you have straight hair, it's probably not necessary to blow-dry, as they will air-dry in minutes. If your hair is a little more unruly, quickly blow-dry and style your bangs as you normally would.

Invest in Some multitasking products: Save time by using brown eyeliner pencil to line your lashes, color your lids, and fill in your brows. You can also tint your cheeks and lips with a two-in-one stain.

BB Cream for great coverage: Instead of putting on face lotion, SPF, and foundation individually, invest in one great BB cream. Certain formulas with emollients and optical pearl pigments will hydrate and reduce the look of fine lines, plus SPF 35 sun protection. So, pick your product carefully.

Use leave-in conditioner: Instead of taking the extra step of conditioning in the shower, spray a leave-in conditioner instead. A formula packed with natural ingredients — like coconut extract, amla, sugar beet root, green tea, and saw palmetto — can help to seal cuticles, strengthen hair, add moisture, and allow easy detangling.

Get the perfect cat eye every time: If drawing a cat eye is difficult, save yourself the grief by making a stencil. Just cut your desired cat-eye shape into a small piece of paper, and hold it up to your lids when applying liner. An even simpler hack? Use a straight edge like a credit card to outline the shape of a perfect cat-eye line every time.

Line and curl your lashes at the same time: If you are really pressed for time, you can line your eyes and curl your lashes in one step. Draw a line using either a kohl pencil or gel liner (avoid liquid liner because it smudges too easily) across the edge of your eyelash curler where it would be touching your lid right above your lashes, curl, and voilà! Instantly lined lids and curled lashes.

Flaunt a favorite red lipstick: If you are running late, just reach for one product: red lipstick. Even if you wear nothing else and just a red pout, you will look miraculously put together and glamorous.

Chic, sleek power ponytail: Look polished in less than five minutes by pulling your hair up into a power ponytail, which is basically just an elevated version of your standard sporty pony. The secret? Wrapping your hair around your elastic for that extra chic factor.

Forgo mascara: Applying mascara can often be messy, especially if you are in a rush. To avoid having to clean up any messes, just swipe some Vaseline on your lashes instead. Use a clean spoolie brush, roll it in Vaseline, and apply it to your lashes as you would mascara. You can also just carefully dab it on with your fingertips. The clear jelly will make lashes look longer and thicker, plus it will help moisturize them and encourage growth.

Avoid messy mascara clumps: To avoid getting mascara clumps on your lashes, which would require extra cleanup time, roll your mascara brush over a tissue before applying. Make sure to only do one full rotation, or you might remove too much formula from the mascara.


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