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Genius lip liner tips
September 12, 2017, 11:57 am

Line your lips for a knock out look. A precise and long-lasting lip liner provides a perfect start to your lip look and gives you the dazzle your makeup needs. Line the edges or color of your pout in nudes, pinks, reds, and plums to make a statement. Here are some lip liner hacks to make the job easier.

Work at a 45-degree angle: Hold your lip liner at a 45-degree angle and apply it with short, light handed strokes. You never want a harsh line or else it will look terrible when your lipstick/gloss wears off. And secondly, if it takes a heavy hand to get any color from your pencil, it has dried out and you need a new one.

Move your chin up and down to see all your angles better: Applying lip liner is all well and good, but if it isn’t straight it might not look as good as it could. When you think you’re done, put your chin to your neck and look in the mirror. You will see the top lip line from a different perspective, almost 3D, and this will help you even out any edges. For the bottom lip, lift your chin so you can see your neck and then check the bottom lip line in the mirror.

Use contrasting shades for a fuller pout: If you want to make your lips appear fuller while still looking natural, use a slightly darker lip liner to define the bow and the middle of the bottom lip. Then, blend it with a lighter shade liner.

Nude also creates a plump illusion: For quick lip definition, use a nude lip pencil to apply a natural tone and add the illusion of fuller lips. Try to draw the line softly right on the border of your lips to help add volume.

Go clear for a long-lasting finish: If you don’t like the look or idea of liner, but still want your lipstick/gloss to stay in place, opt for a clear, mattifying pencil that will keep your makeup in place without adding extra color.

Apply lipstick before liner: You will see exactly where you will need to line, and when your lipstick starts to fade away, it fades away with your liner. That way you are not left with a ring around your lips.

For more intensity, start with your liner: Create the desired shape by drawing in the edges of the lip; the more pressure you apply, the more intense the effect will be. Fill in the entire lip with the liner for an all-over color that can be worn alone or layered with lipsticks and gloss.

Build a guideline starting at your cupid’s bow: Apply a little ‘X’ on the Cupid’s bow and then a centimeter line in the center of bottom lip line. It creates a good map for the rest of your lip. Do it in stages. Break it down for yourself. Remember small goals are easier to reach.

Don’t sharpen too much: A dull pencil is more suitable as it doesn’t create too severe of a line and becomes blended inside the lips.

Transform your liner into a carpenter’s pencil for more precision:  Wrap the tip of the pencil in a tissue and squeeze the pencil into a flat tip, turning your lip liner into a carpenter’s pencil. This gives you the best tool to hug the corners of your mouth.


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