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Gaurav Sinha: A visionary in creative strategy
July 13, 2014, 9:58 am

This year will see the launch of Gaurav’s latest enterprise, ‘The Travel Marketing Council’, a platform through which to engage and connect the world’s travel and hospitality community. Also working on a new progressive luxury hotel concept set to rejuvenate the light luxury segment, Sinha’s status and position goes from strength to strength. 

What is the most significant way Insignia Worldwide has evolved over the past several years?
Insignia evolves on a daily basis and one of our most valuable propositions is our unique integrated approach to brand marketing. As a new generation agency we offer a multi-disciplinary creative studio that provides core branding, design, advertising, digital and experiential design services. Our digital embrace has evolved with new apps being developed and I think the future lies in a ‘blended creative’ approach – this includes social media dialogue, Public Relations and digital outreach.

Are you satisfied with the way Insignia Worldwide has turned around today?
We have grown year upon year since we started our company in 2003. Over the past 11 years we have been very blessed to work with great people and some of the world’s most revered brands. However, I believe our best work is yet to come and that’s the spirit of innovation that makes us strive for perfection.

How would you describe your leadership style and why has it been so successful in building a great company?
Our biggest assets are our people. They are the ones who make Insignia unique and my role is to ‘curate opportunities’ allowing them to flourish and grow. We maintain a level playing field for the team, with equal voices and deep dialogue. I believe leadership is about engagement and empowerment and we give a fair amount of autonomy to the team to be self governed. Clear KPIs also allow us to mentor, manage and measure performance. Stars work for other stars – that’s the only way to attract the right talent.
If you had to define yourself vocationally in one sentence, what would it be?
Consistent discontentment and in perpetual pursuit of excellence.

What are some of the biggest differentiators between Insignia Worldwide and other companies today?
We are second to none, when it comes to understanding the principles of building and promoting brands within the luxury hospitality, F&B, travel, tourism and destination marketing industry. We have powerful strategic insights complemented by deep-rooted knowledge and experience in this region when it comes to initiating strategic and tactical campaigns that deliver results.

What do you personally focus on with regards to improving the agency’s reputation?
An agency is only as good as the last assignment it completed and the last person it hired. So my personal focus is to ensure that we don’t lose sight of the purpose we come to work for, which is to ‘enrich brand experiences’. Original Thinking, Innovative Ideas and Powerful Creativity are at the heart of everything we do.

Gaurav Sinha founded Insignia Worldwide, one of the Middle East’s most successful advertising and marketing services agencies in 2003.  A vibrant thought leader in the luxury, travel and lifestyle marketing sector, Gaurav has worked in the Middle East for the past 19 years and is internationally recognized as a protagonist in his field. Gaurav is respected and revered for his innovative thinking, contemporary leadership and business savvy approach. In 2013, he was included in the Arabian Business ‘Top 100 Indian Power List in GCC’. 

What would you say are the biggest challenges you are facing right now?
Like every company that grows quickly and diversifies, we have numerous management challenges that need to be tackled on a daily basis. Our foremost focus remains to protect the quality of the work we do for our clients and to ensure we are always at the cutting-edge of creativity.

Are you noticing any trends that are having a significant impact on advertising and marketing services?
There are many trends that are changing the way brands are communicating with their customers. Fragmentation of media and the proliferation of content and authority are leading the way in innovative ways to engage with customers. We have to recognize that we are in the business of ‘brand conversations’ not ‘brand communication’.

What have been the key turning points for your company?
There are many milestones that are worthy of recognition. The launch of our PR division, new clients, diversified service offerings, new people and new initiatives. Every day is a turning point in the lives of people who live to disrupt convention.

What is your vision for Insignia Worldwide? How do you plan to fulfill your goals?
We have a well defined roadmap for the next five years and our biggest drive is to deepen our digital services department. We are actively hiring new talent to grow the business but our primary focus will always remain on quality, not quantity. Like any business, we have a strategy in place and the people to implement it but we don’t aspire to grow at the expense of diluting our core creative culture. Small steps can also lead to big results.

What role do you think ‘The Travel Marketing Council’ will play in transforming Insignia Worldwide?
The Travel Marketing Council is born from a need by the travel industry, to have a forum that allows travel professionals to engage with each other and be empowered through collective intelligence. We will organize a number of industry events, seminars and conferences plus we are launching an innovative app that will transform the way travel professionals connect with each other. Insignia will clearly benefit from this too as it will be the official marketing partner for TTMC and it augment authority within the travel industry through thought-leadership and intelligence.

How will the platform help you improve consumer satisfaction?
TTMC is an engagement platform for travel professionals but the insights, opinions and knowledge will allow its partners to gain competitive advantages, resulting in more relevant strategic initiatives to build stronger consumer advocacy.

What has been one of your favorite project produced by your company?
We recently produced a wonderful brand film for the Viceroy hotel in New York City – this was an amazing experience as the product (hotel) is in NYC, the crew flew in from Los Angeles, the music was made in Dublin and the creative agency (us) are based in Dubai. This was a classic example of how the world has changed, making it possible for anyone to be truly ‘global’.

With your innovative strategy, how does Insignia Worldwide stay ahead of its competitors?
We remind ourselves on a daily basis that what got us here, is not what’s going to keep us here. Our secret sauce is pure passion and that’s what makes us industry leaders.

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