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Gate Mall Festival launched in presence of officials
May 8, 2016, 10:18 am

The ‘Gate Mall’ Festival was recently launched with a massive celebration in the presence of the officials of the complex. The opening ribbon was cut by the assistant general manager of ‘Al Qarin’ Company, Nasser Al Oteibi, in the presence of engineer Omar Najm, the CEO of the ‘Al Ahlia Real Estate Cities’ Company. The opening ceremony included unique fireworks as well as special activities for children.

‘The Gate’ Complex had previously announced that it was preparing for the biggest festival in the Gulf that will continue for five months and will include many events. The most prominent of these is the distribution of the ‘scratch and win’ prizes, which include valuable gifts such as Range Rovers, Taho vehicles, as well as smart devices and gifts from renowned international trademarks, Cartier, Van Cliff, Fendi, Louis Vuitton and Chopard.

The festival attracted a large group of artists and celebrities both from Kuwait and the Gulf. It also has a weekly program that is rich with entertaining activities and events for children and adults in a family atmosphere.

One can also take part in the scratch and win competition by buying a coupon priced KD 20.

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