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Gang deported for restoring water to defaulters — MEW
May 11, 2018, 10:59 am

Ministry of Electricity and Water announced that a four-man gang of Asians involved in illegal connection of water was deported after they were caught restoring water to some consumers whose services had been disconnected by the ministry for defaulting payment.

An official ministry source disclosed that the sector detected about forty instances of illegal water connection, indicating the process was undertaken without its authorization.

He explained the ministry had earlier disconnected water to those buildings for their refusal to pay accumulated bills, and investigation revealed that the suspects reconnected water for KD30 per building.

He stressed that individual members of the gang were arrested after it was confirmed they were behind some water meter thefts.

The police found in their possession some stolen meters and couplers used for reconnecting water to defaulters of bills. The ministry referred all suspects to concerned authorities, which ordered their immediate deportation.

Meanwhile, a recent report of the Gulf Cooperation Council Interconnection Authority (GCCIA) indicates the authority in 2017 rescued 142 incidents of power disconnection attributed to the loss of power grid or load exceeding 100 megawatts. The authority used the support power to sustain 100 percent power transmission within the GCC countries by increasing the rate of network reliability, efficiency, maintenance and upgrade to match the network requirements.

The report added the authority, since activation of the power grid in 2009, has provided support in 1592 cases of a total or partial power cut.

In an unrelated report from the Ministry of Electricity and Water concerning relevant policies, operating future plants with natural gas is on top of its priorities to guarantee the use of renewable energy by 15 percent in 2030, and 20 percent in 2040. Among the top priorities is to ensure efficiency of the air-condition engines by cooling non-residential areas within the new residential cities by 2025, in addition to banning the import or circulation of electrical appliances that cannot conserve energy by end of this year.

The construction code for power conservation is also an important aspect of policies, which will increase the efficiency of heat insulators for buildings by 20-30 centimeters, coupled with the efficiency of windows (aluminum and glass) while changing the power conservation code through the direct use of load limiter by the year 2020.

Source: Arab Times

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