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Gandhi Archery Club
October 16, 2018, 4:10 pm

Rashmi Gandhi launched the Gandhi Archery Club in Kuwait, the first of its kind in Kuwait, which conducts training sessions for kids and adults at the Palm Beach Resort, Salwa, Kuwait.

Sports are an integral part of the overall development of an individual at all stages of life, and archery is one of the best sports that cut across all barriers. The sport helps to improve your physical and mental abilities, as well as improve your upper body strength. Aim, focus, concentration, confidence, patience and proper posture are also some of the benefits of archery, that can be developed in a child from ages 5 and above. 

The club organizes serious coaching and as well as fun and stress-busting sessions. Kids can also enjoy and learn new skills.

Mrs. Rashmi was the state champion of Rajasthan three times and has played in the Indian national level championship. She pioneered the start of archery as a competitive sport in Mumbai. She has coached over 300 students across all ages and held district level competitions from the district body.

For the last 2 years, Rashmi has the privilege of setting up the first private archery range at Mayadeen in Kuwait.

Since December 2017, she has set up her own Gandhi Archery at the Palms Beach Resort Salwa. Till now, over 100 students between ages 5 to 75 years have undergone training. She has also conducted special camps for various school groups and corporate events, as well as an archery camp for the UN International Sports Day under the umbrella of 'Champions Among Us'.

Her desire is to train various school students in Kuwait, specifically for international competitions.


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