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GCC meeting addresses environmental issues
July 27, 2016, 1:34 pm

A GCC committee held a meeting Wednesday with the Advisory Board of the Supreme Council, led by Dr. Saeed Bin Abdullah Al Shaikh, where a new strategy will be implemented to solve environmental issues.

Dr. Al Shaikh said in a statement that the committee was presented with a diagnosis of the current problems the environment is suffering from. Dr. Al Shaikh also stated that the GCC countries can protect the environment from risk through an individual and joint effort.

Environmental experts attended the meeting, where they gave a diagnosis of the current environmental issues, mainly, the degree and types of pollution in the desert, air, and sea.

The experts proceeded to address the reasons behind the pollution, and whether or not the growth and expansion of both residential and commercial areas are increasing the pollution.

The experts also addressed the effects of pollution on the air, and human and sea life. The countries agreed that it is through a joint effort that they can bring an end to pollution, and better the health and quality of the environment.

Environmental problems are not confined to geographical borders; therefore, the entire Arabian Peninsula will benefit from the environmental health plan. 

Source: KUNA

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